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Bonus and incentive programs

How can I help you?

One of my absolute favorite areas to work with is all types of bonus programs involving employees, consultants, and board members. I can help with:

  • Sales and performance bonuses
  • Stock option and warrant programs
  • Exit bonuses and sales bonuses
  • Retention bonuses
  • Advice on bonus schemes in relation to illness, leave, and business transfers

I can assist with all aspects of the process – except for taxes, but here I have many years of experience in having a fruitful collaboration with your accountant. I have even developed the course: What every accountant should know about incentive schemes, which a large number of accountants have completed. (Revikurser)

If it’s a scheme that needs to be adopted at the general meeting, I also help with that, as well as assisting you with the registration with the Danish Business Authority.

I might challenge you on the choice of scheme you have already made, to help ensure that it becomes the absolutely right scheme for you.

How do I work?

My approach is that only imagination sets the limits, so I always spend time understanding what you want to achieve with your specific incentive or bonus scheme.

I might challenge you on the choice of scheme you have already made, to help ensure that it becomes the absolutely right scheme. This way, you avoid buying a Rolls Royce when a good and solid Up with Citybrakes was exactly what you needed. My experience is that too many decisions about choosing incentive schemes are influenced by what the new colleague wants, or what the chairman of the board has in his drawer from working with another company.

I have many years of experience in creating the strategy behind, designing, and implementing an incentive program, so I can help you make the process as efficient and smooth as possible. With me, there are no stupid questions, and because I have also taught a lot, I can sometimes anticipate the questions before they are asked.

I work with question themes that you can work with yourselves, so we turn the stones that need turning, allowing the actual drafting of documents to go quickly, which makes the process less strenuous, faster, and not least cheaper.

With me, you don’t just get the template that’s at the front of the drawer: I take pride in meeting your wishes and setting the tone that suits your company and its values.

I am the daughter of a Danish teacher and I make an effort to write contracts that can be read and understood, even if you haven’t studied law. I think that is the most respectful towards you and your employees.

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