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Business Transfers

How can I help you?

I can assist with all types of smaller business transfers: I can create share and quota transfer agreements and transfers of larger or smaller parts of the business. I can help with managing employees before, during, and after a business transfer.

I can assist with the strategy and design of all types of retention schemes, sales bonuses, and other relevant initiatives that can help make your business transfer as smooth and motivating for the employees as possible.

Because I have been involved in business transfers of all types of companies for so many years; small, large, and very large, new and old, one of my subspecialties is advising owner-managers through the often very intense process of selling their life’s work. I can help with support, a critical eye on the ‘need to’ and ‘nice to’ in the jungle of points that an owner-manager can be recommended to implement. With me, you get an honest and confidential sparring partner.

I do not advise on taxes, but I am used to having a close and fruitful cooperation with the company’s accountant.

With me, you always get 'the boss', and the most experienced attorney in the entire firm. That counts for something…

How do I work?

Anja Staugaard Law Firm is not a large law firm, and therefore there will be many types of business transfers I cannot assist with, because they require a large team that can cover all aspects of a business transfer within a very short period. Fortunately, there are many skilled and competent law offices that can help with that.

With me, you always get ‘the boss’, and the most experienced attorney in the entire firm. That counts for something…